Engine & Suspension Repairs

Engine & Suspension Repairs

Is your car worth repairing? This is a very commonly asked question. Having late diagnostic tools and equipment, we are prepared to give you that answer. Despite prior belief, your car may have the potential to serve you for years to come. It just may be worth keeping, rather than making a new investment.

Steering & Suspension Services
Sampson’s Automotive provides repair services for all types of suspension systems. With a diversity of suspension and steering systems on the road, it takes the right knowledge and processes to diagnose potential issues. From traditional systems to advanced ones of today, there is much to be said about who is performing the work. The integrity of the parts used is also extremely crucial. At Sampson’s Automotive, we use quality replacement parts. Everything from regular service, to installations of high performance suspension systems, Sampson’s Automotive does it all.

Engine & Transmission Diagnostics & Repairs
Check Engine Light on? Not a problem. Sampson’s Automotive is prepared to diagnose and repair such issues. Any time a check engine light is on, there are Diagnostic Trouble Codes stored in the vehicles computer. There may even be codes stored if the light is not on. Vehicles of today have thousands of possible ”DTC’s”. Many times, a check engine light will have NOTHING to do with the engine itself.

Fleet Maintenance
At Sampson’s Automotive, we have 3,000 square feet of space for safe storage of your vehicles. We offer cost-effective, preventative maintenance programs for commercial fleets. In addition, we are conveniently located near the highway. Our services include:

  • Tire Sales
  • Tire Balancing
  • Alignment Services
  • Suspension Services
  • Fluid Checks

For auto repair in North Kingstown, RI – choose Sampson’s Automovive

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