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Question: When do I need to replace my battery? Answer: That is a very smart question that can sometimes be overlooked until the battery dies and it is a last resort purchase. Other times, batteries are being replaced before their … Continue reading

Know when to replace your car battery

Let me tell you about an experience that I’ve had recently at a well-established, long-time favorite restaurant of mine. This little Thai place is tucked back, off the beaten path, and a definite gem. I have been going there for … Continue reading

Quality Replacement Parts make a difference!

Polish Your Rims Like a Pro There’s an entire auto subculture dedicated to custom rim design and care, so it’s no wonder folks want to show them off. Even if you’ve got factory standards on, knowing how to polish your … Continue reading

Polish your rims like a pro | Sampson's Auto, NK

Running Smooth at the Right Temperature Ever notice how you start to slow down when summer temperatures start to peak? You probably start looking for a little shade and a glass of ice-cold lemonade to get back to normal. Well … Continue reading

Replace your CTS for better fuel economy

When you take a corner in your car, the outside wheels have a slightly longer distance to go than the inside wheels. That means that the outside wheels have to turn a bit faster than the inside. The piece of … Continue reading

Differential Gear Auto Service | Sampson's Auto

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